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thumb - projector

stylised shot of my room and projector on the wall

thumb - billy

billy budgie - proudly owned by my sister and ivan :)

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thumbs - inspiring images that reflect my recent thoughts

As my site is one that could be described as 'graphical' it would seem only fitting that my day-to-day thoughts and activities should be described not only by the oodles of text residing in my news section, but with images also; that's why, every few days/weeks the 'thumbs' section of my site updates, in one of the three available spots on the menu bars.

Furthermore, as my news has archives I thought i'd provide a page where I and any visitors can peruse images of times past in a crude sort of 'potted history in pixels'.

sunrise at Frankley race track, waiting for the grid to arrive Frankley, Birmingham 1/8th Scale Petrol Buggy's speed down the back-straight My finished setup - PC, Amp, Decks, Laptop, Keyboard and speakers Hard at work in Stratford by the RSC one of the cushions on the new sofa, shaggy and... Tranquil rowing boat wait on a summers afternoon Pretty mountains near where we went snowboarding me about to hit the slopes nice lighting on the night roads On a pirate ship at Oakwood - Hands in the air!! What a gorgeous day to be in Tenby... Ivan on the beach - #...oh I do like...# busy tree surgeons working on the side of the canal The topping to the last cake i made - chocolate chips, yeah! my dream camera, canon eos 1dsII, 16.7megapixel (drolls) with wifi water feature in the back garden, rather a nice reflection i thought.. My kitty-cat Ivy sitting on the door step on Christmas Day thunderbirds are go! found them around my room when having a bit of a nostalgic tidy up Northern lights over Canada causes by solar flares My new watch :) hopefully arriving next week, free after they bust my old one. Casio G-520-d close up of a rusty gearbox i took back at home The McLaren Mercedes SLR from the Motorshow 04 :) 330,000 and i know someone who's bought one! My new mouse :D look it gloooowsss! Britney comes to UK to her uk tour this week - tickets at the ready :D R.I.P. little toaster :'( Scrambled Egg :) took a photo of a plate in the lounge with the sun shining on it, yum yum :-/ mmmmmmm my tasty millionaire's cake A Red Macaw, photographed in Peru by Marisa Hawkes Wrist watch taken with a Digital SLR at 6.3megapixel Mars as seen by the Oppertunity Rover New disneyworld being built in Hong Kong! Highres eye taken from Nemesis Inferno - great ride at thorpe park :D oh britney...britney, britney bedroom at new house nearly finished! Time square taken by Ali the seven bridge on the way to oakwood, wales the matrix : reloaded - it's good but was it good enough? Goliath! my favourite rollercoaster, six flags Holland finally, no more saddam \o/ view from my window at dawlish road nemesis inferno - being tested at thorpe park - opens soon!! my sony v700s on my technics 1210s :D President bush - is he any good? all i know is he's no bill clinton :( Andy as eminem ;) i got paid \o/ woo out of overdraught me as eminem :D weRd up

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Twig with water droplet - nice photo

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